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PC and Apple Repairs


100% Computer Refurbishments

Sometimes your computer needs more than just a quick fix. Many computer problems can be resolved with a full operating system reinstall. We find that computers are often given a new lease of life from this service. If your computer would benefit from this service then we can save all of your cherished data for you if you are unable to back it up yourself.


Motherboard diagnosis and repair

Even the most expensive computers and laptops can suffer from motherboard faults. These faults can strike at any time and are beyond your control. New motherboards can be prohibitively expensive and reflow repairs are often short-lived. We have the capability to diagnose and repair motherboards at chip level and offer professional reballing, the long-term solution to motherboard chip repair.


Software Faults

Software faults are our speciality, both on the Windows and Mac platforms. Software faults occur daily – from updates that have downloaded from the internet, from software that you may have installed by mistake or even from malicious programs. We can rectify most faults quickly - and in many cases remotely - without even having to visit you.



Upgrades are the most cost effective way to extend the life of your computer. We specialise in researching the most appropriate upgrade for your system. We'll take the time and care to properly assess your computer's specification and suggest upgrades that will maximise the potential of your current processor, motherboard and existing memory capabilities.


WiFi Faults and set-up

WiFi problems can be baffling but we have the experience to diagnose and solve low signal strength problems, slow access point issues, faulty routers and ADSL or cable broadband faults. We can also supply the best router applicable for your service in order to maximise your broadband line speed. Just give us a call to discuss.


Viruses & Trojan Infections

Recently we have seen malware and virus severity increase. Trojans are the more aggressive type of infection whose main purpose is to steal your identity and compromise your security. Programs that try to gain access to your computer without your knowledge are dangerous and our recommended remedy is to perform the 100% refurbishment service. This has a two-fold benefit: we give you a guarantee that the machine is 100% clean and your computer has a freshly installed system which in many cases makes it run better than it did when new.



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