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Portable Appliance Testing

Our PAT testing starts from just £39 for up to 20 items and includes:

  • Visual inspection of the appliance, flex and plug – including a look for visual signs of damage or overheating

  • At Each Plug Top we inspect the fuse and connections

  • Electrical tests – We test for earth polarity (Earth Continuity Test) and insulation (Insulation Resistance Test).

  • Labelling – we then fix a label to the appliance indicating whether it has passed or failed, the test date, re-test date and ID number.

  • Records – A record is given for each appliance tested, as well as a summary.

First 20 items £39 then £1.10 per item Including free fuse replacements as needed. 
Free Retest of any failed items after repair.
Add the following:
Microwave leakage tests £5. 
Plug replacements £1.50 each.
Full asset register provided after the work is carried out with duplicates if required.
*Certificate provided and all appliaces are marked with a sticker and unique identification no.
Comprehensive £2 million public liability insurance in place.


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